The collection service run by WIS is limited to the Netherlands. However, we now have a international network of collection and legal partners and advocates.

Depending on which package you choose, you may be able to instruct WIS to send a warning to your debtor or to call them in their own language, free of charge.

If you decide to initiate an amicable collection procedure in your debtor’s country, they will always be contacted locally. This means that collection specialists, who operate locally and are familiar with the local legislation and regulations, will approach your debtor in their own language, and potentially visit them. This significantly increases the chance of the successful collection of your claim.

Variable commission

Besides a fixed handling fee you will pay a commission that varies between 10% and 35%, depending on the country and the amount and expiration date of your claim.

Success percentage

As a credit rating agency we know what the chance of success is. With this information you can easily decide whether or not to initiate a collection process; this saves you time and money.

WIS has an extra means of exerting pressure

Besides the legal collection procedure, WIS has another means of exerting pressure, namely the threat of lowering your debtor’s credit rating; this is often very effective with corporate debtors.

Also in the case of the international collection service the same thing applies: if there is no chance of recovery, you have no costs to pay!

Should your debtor become bankrupt, or if there is no possibility of recovery, we will close the file at no cost to you.

And, of course, you can also follow the progress of an international collection process online in your file(s) 24/7.

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