Did you know that in at least 25% of cases, non-payment by debtors is the reason a company goes bankrupt? Reliable information about your debtors can prevent a lot of problems.

Credit report: doing business in security.

WIS offers you the possibility of calling up essential trade information directly online. You obtain full legal and financial information about your customers, competitors, suppliers, partners or other business relations.
At the press of a button you can gain insight into the financial status of your relation. For example: available funds, payment history, up-to-date figures and group structure.

What does a credit report contain?

  • Basic information General company data, contact details, directors and business activities.
  • Group structure Overview of the structure of the group.
  • Credit score & credit limit How is the company rated, on the basis of payment history and liquidity?
  • Payment history How well or badly has the company paid up to now?
  • Annual accounts Financial information, such as the balance sheet, profit & loss account and ratios.
  • Bankruptcy information Information about suspensions of payment, debt restructurings and bankruptcies.

How does a credit report work?

WIS has an international network of information sources, such as trades registers, bankruptcy registers, collection agencies, bailiffs, lawyers and trade associations. Furthermore, we process the payment behaviour of companies throughout the world in realtime.

Every day all the information obtained is processed directly in the relevant credit report. This way you are assured of the most up-to-date and reliable credit information on companies throughout the world.

Risk register

Recent research has revealed that approximately 68% of defaults take place among regular customers.

For this reason we advise you to continually monitor the risks associated with your customers, competitors, suppliers, partners or other business relations.

WIS offers a solution for this: the risk register. Our database is updated 24 hours a day, so you will be kept informed automatically, via email, of any changes relating to the selected relation(s).

You can categorise your relations clearly, based on a risk profile, and set up separate files for this. Naturally, you can also state what you want to see being checked, and how intensively you wish to be kept informed about developments within this circle of relations.

The benefits

Save time and money All the companies in the risk register are checked for you 24/7 for creditworthiness; this saves you time and money.

Import/export function

Import every change in the risk register direct to your own software; this way your bookkeeping and other programs are kept up-to-date as well.

Commercial opportunities

You also receive updates when there are positive changes, which means that your sales team can respond faster to positive developments.

How does it work?

  • In the report you click on “add to risk register”.
  • If you want to input a large customer file in one go, without requesting a report, then you can quickly and easily import that customer file to our system, at the touch of a button.
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